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Specialists say arthritis caused by an excess of uric acid in the body - see Healthy Joints

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Vitamins and Minerals


This site has been designed as a non-commercial site, which means that you will not find anything for sale, you will not be asked to subscribe to anything, and no-one will be recording your visit or your email address. What you will find is a lot of background information on health issues, and with regard to how vitamins and minerals can help various ailments. All information is offered on the basis that every person's body metabolism is different, and while a remedy, or vitamin might benefit one person, it can never be guaranteed and may have a different affect on others.

Please also bear in mind that if you are already on prescribed medication, it is always a good plan to consult your GP before mixing that with another remedy. With that out of the way, please continue.


There has been pressure from a number of sources due to experience of delivering e-commerce solutions to suppliers of some of the products beneficial in this area, and questions raised by their customers regarding remedies for various ailments, aches and pains. As a Web Designer and Programmer, I had little personnal experience in this field, so these pages represent the results of my research, and I present them as the product of an enquiring mind, rather than as expert advice, since any information given is necessarily second hand.


Advertisers appearing on these pages help to support the cost of the research undertaken, and while they may help to sustain the work, I retain complete independence, although I will only permit advertising that I believe sustains the integrity of what has been here produced.


EnquiriesIf you wish to make any enquiries, or helpful suggestions, or point out errors, then email to:

This site is only at an early state of development at the moment, so please feel welcome to come back from time to time as items are added.

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